The Murray Region

The Murray Region

The Murray Region is a vibrant community located across the southern NSW. Spanning the beautiful Murray River it comprises of an area of over 87,000 square kilometres or 12.2% of NSW. With over 115,000 people with predicted growth of over 143,000 people by 2036. The region is known for its vibrant lifestyle for its residents, with affordable housing, picturesque landscape, and is close to the main cities of Sydney and Melbourne. Historically it has been known as part of the NSW ‘food bowl’ but is changing to be known for its services in health and education from the 2016 Census. These industries have demonstrated the most growth in employee’s figures. With other factor for change being that five of our Shires or Councils merged at the end of 2016 which has effected our top industries for the region. We still have large amounts of agricultural produce but in some areas of our region farmers are looking for alternative incomes that will have less risk and have a stable income.

Why come to the Murray Region?

Low operational costs, labour costs and close proximity to the main cities have made the region a popular location to work, live, invest and do business in. The Murray Region is where lifestyle and business opportunities meet. Good accessibility, lower than average wages, healthy supply of local labour, affordable industrial and commercial properties all make the Murray Region an attractive and competitive place for business activities and investment. Other reason to come to this great region include:

  • Abundant natural environments with lifestyle and recreational opportunities
  • Regional centres and supporting townships
  • Extensive transport infrastructure with airports, railways, and national highways
  • Access to Melbourne and Sydney Ports for export and import services
  • A range of quality housing and affordable land
  • Complimentary professional and business services
  • Provision of quality health and education services
  • Diverse employment options giving room for career diversification and jobs opportunities for partners.


Quality of Life

Increased investment to improve the Murray Region’s overall amenity and ambience coupled with population growth over the past decade, is indicative of the highly desirable quality of life the region offers. There are various planned community and culture facility infrastructure developments across the Murray Region. Residents experience a high quality of life, affordable housing and high amenity with access to some of Australia’s most ecologically rich and diverse natural environments.


The Murray River

The Murray River is the third largest navigable river in the world and the largest river in Australia. It travels the distance of over 2,500kms which starts in the Australian Alp’s continues to be a boarder for New South Wales and Victoria before finishing in South Australia. From 1853, it has been a virtual water highway and is a major domestic water supply to over 1.5 million households. The Murray River not only assists the agriculture industries but is also enhances the aesthetics of the area and boasts the recreational and tourism industries. While in the past it was an important form of transporting goods out of the region. Other than being a waterway and tourism attraction it also supports many fauna and flora species including the silver perch, trout cod and Murray cod.

The Murray Landscape

The landscape within the Murray Region varies from the sandy landscape in the western area of the region, to flat terrain in the central and in the east we have mountains. All these different landscapes have made it the perfect location for agriculture produce. With different types of produce in different areas as you can see below.