Local Government Areas

Edward River Council formed in the May of 2016 with an amalgamation process were Deniliquin and Conargo Councils joined to make the Edward River Council. The area of the new council is 8,881 km2 and includes towns such as Deniliquin, Blighty, Conargo and Mayrung. The Conargo area is known for their broad range of agriculture including wheat, rice, canola, and cereals, while Deniliquin is known for its health services and the retail sector that services surrounding area.


Deniliquin, known locally as “Deni”. The town is close to the border with Victoria and with the largest town in the newly formed Edward River Council local government area. The town is known as an outstanding service town, but it is also well known for a great holiday destination on the Edward River (an anabranch of the Murray River). The Deniliquin township was established first as a crossing point for cattle and sheep which then grew to the town we know today. The area is surrounded by beautiful landscapes including lagoons located through the town. For most people they remember the local event that is hosted each year here, The Deni Ute Muster which has seen act such as Kieth Urban, Cold Chisel, Kasey Chambers and many others.


The Conargo area are well known for their agricultural produce. The site was part of Benjamin Boyd’s property which extended from the south,